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Charities & Voluntary Organisations Associated With GGP From 2012


Here at Good Guy Publishing, we take pride in our projects and are excited by what we do and can achieve.

Our aim is to help as many organisations as we possibly can and are always looking for new projects to get involved in.

We pledge to work our way through the alphabet helping charities and voluntary organisations from A-Z. So if you are part of an organsation or know of one that we could possibly help, drop us a line.


So far we have offered donations to:


Age Uk in the form of regular donations of books, dvds, videos and Cds, which they sell from their Redcar branch. So if you're in need of a good de-clutter, this is the perfect way. For more about Age Uk please click here.


Cancer Research UK Our Good Guy Graham is participating in a head shave on Sunday 17th July to raise money and awareness on behave of Cancer Research. To donate please visit his justgiving page here.


Dyslexia Action who we have pledged 10% of the total profits from any sales we make relating to our 'Flashy Shorts Anthology', which actually equates to 30% of any profits GGP make from the Anthology. For more details about Dyslexia Action please click here.


Parkinson's Uk pledging 10% of any profits we make from the sale of 'The Vino Kid' by Graham Taylor. For further details about Parkinson's Uk please visit their site here.









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